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Allies for Radical Collaboration

Join HFLI, BMEA and The Skillman Foundation for an innovative, immersive, powerful new workshop–Allies for Radical Collaboration.

Online &
In-person experience

Session Dates
Retreat: Jan. 5 & 6
Virtual Session: Jan. 17
Field Experience: Feb. 11
Virtual Session:Feb. 15
Virtual Session: Feb. 28
Field Experience & Celebration: Mar. 11

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Generously Supported by

The Skillman Foundation

What you are going to learn
White educators serving Detroit students will learn how to intentionally plan, develop and implement culturally responsive practices that move away from exclusionary discipline and zero tolerance policies and toward a restorative culture based in hope, healing and equitable learning environments.
Through this extended cohort experience, educators will:

  • begin a journey that explores how personal identity impacts their interactions with students.
  • engage in asset-based community field experiences.
  • build a network of Allies that will support each other through this challenging, but important work.