Grades 7 -12

Foundations of Innovation Course Curriculum

Foundations of Innovation is a multi-week curriculum designed to help students develop an understanding of design thinking principles and the power of innovation to change their world. 
What you are going to learn

A few more words about Foundation of Innovation

This course curriculum lays the groundwork for transformative innovation by introducing design thinking methods and mindsets through a series of hands-on design challenges organized around real-world problems. Students learn to frame their thinking around the mindsets of developing empathy, identifying a specific design need, encouraging ideation, and working in a culture of prototyping. A capacity for creative, innovative thinking will prepare them for the demands ahead in college, career, and life.
This curriculum includes:
  • 10 weeks of lessons
  • Unit Overviews
  • An introductory unit to teach collaboration
  • A Rapid Challenge to introduce the design process
  • 3 Deep Dive Design Challenges to scaffold students as they progressively expand their knowledge of the design methods and mindsets
  • Stop, Drop and Reflect Lessons to develop metacognitive awareness of content and learning.
  • Show What You Know Days to develop presentation skills and provide a vehicle for assessing skills.
  • Assessment rubrics, including how to co-create assessments with your students